Sunday, 24 June 2007

Leather factory

I had a super afternoon yesterday. Visited Shehzad's leather factory.
Met up with his brother and a Spaniard called Antonio and shared lunch together.

Shehzad has a good business buying in coarse leather and converting it into high quality material for shoes and handbags etc. He buys in the leather after it has under gone its first treatment. That's really the first chemical treatment after the skinning and the initial cleaning.

He then treats it, colours it and can produce it to any standard required. Soft, hard, thin, thick etc. All seemed easy when he explains it but me I had no real idea. We then went to his chemical factory. He makes the leather softening creams we put on shoes etc. All in all a good day out. The photos show the rough leather being brought in to his yard by donkey cart and of ht chemical factory renovation.

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