Saturday, 2 June 2007

Dinner with the Colonel

Last night saw us go to the house of Colonel Ramzan for dinner. We met his wife and two daughters, Sons were out working. Had an enjoyable evening chatting about life in general. We had a few whiskeys and excellent food. On the way home I told my driver that I would not be going to work as the usual 08.00am but would go at 09.00am "OK Boss, Thank you Boss, Good, Night Boss'" So I assumed he had got the message.

07.00am next morning I look outside the Condo. There he is cleaning the car. So I decided if he's here and I'm up I'll go to work. "Qassir what are you doing here so early?" "Well Boss I worked for other foreigners before and when they drink in the evenings they say things that the next morning they forget. I did not want to turn up at 09.00 and find you also had forgotten the instruction and complain to me that I was not there by 08.00 as normal". No answer to that one so off to work at 08.00am as usual.

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