Thursday, 7 June 2007

The last supper

Wanna left in the early hours of Wednesday morning so Tuesday evening we went for dinner to the Bar B Q tonight. We had been before with Nazia my Land Lady. But but this just the two of us. Romantic evening!! Not really we got there only to find a bunch of the Chinese Contractors team also having a meal. Said our hellos and left them to it. But it was interesting of all the places in Karachi they chooses where we were. Must be a good sign. But we had been to a Chinese restaurant the night before. Not so good. Apparently Chinese food is becoming very popular in Karachi but what we had was a 'sort of' Chinese food. Much prefer Wanna's stir frys.

We had a super grilled rib of lamb and salads and homos. The place really knows how to cater just check the photos. Racks and racks of food. Washed down with water. Yes Lloyd drinking water!!! Well it was that or Coke. No competition really. The best part we we walked from and back to our apartment. Only about 500-600 meters but enough to enjoy and so much better that being delivered everywhere in a car. We felt the hot humid air from the sea and smelled the various fragrances from the local cooking. Also managed to avoid several 'blind' drivers who were trying to avoid the same pot holes as us!!! Well they should have seen us!

It was a good calm end to Wanna last visit. Now I will settle down to work and plan to get to Thailand at the end of the Month. Will keep you posted.

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