Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Electiric cars Karachi style

Forget the Detroit's and hybrid cars. We read about all this day in day out. But here in the developing world of Karachi, residents have taken the lead and show example with the introduction of electric cars. Yes electric powered cars as seen on TV, but adapted to meet local ways.

Not just cars but Taxis. Helping highlight the environmental issues to the public so they understand the dangers of global warming and showing how making every little effort helps. These Eco friendly vehicles, running on roof mounted petrol generators are providing the solution much sought after in the developed world. Easy to install and run. Just buy a generator and strap it on the roof. Fill with petrol and off you go. That's what you call an electric car Karachi style.

These 'electric taxis' are often to be seen cruising done the boulevards of Karachi picking up customers and providing the public service so required and showing what can be done by individuals with initiative wanting to make a difference and help the environment. (Check the photo, source Khalid Munir).

Hey give these guys credit, they know how to meet the challenges of global warming and avoid using petrol whilst becoming Eco friendly. (Am I serious?.....)

Just look at the new Pakistan Eco Electric Car. The way to go. Henry Ford would have been proud. Pass on this information to your friends. Next time in Karachi make sure you go electric......

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