Friday, 22 June 2007

Moving and moving on

The title sounds a bit philosophical but bear with me. I've been in Karachi for 4 months (I know you've read my Blogs). But chatting to Dad tonight I confirmed my real thoughts and ideas and made a decision to bring my boat to Karachi and live on it. Why pay rent when all I want to do is live on a boat...

It seems so obvious and easy. Just get someone to sail it up here and I can live aboard. Better than the condo and far better than being tied up (pun) with rent etc etc. So decision time tomorrow. Few calls to Seychelles coming up and then we can move on. I am off to Thailand this weekend and then Seychelles in August. (unrelated note:- Need to check I catch up with Sarah my No 1 before she disappears off to Uni end of August).

But back to the main point this posting. Getting the boat here should be easy. Steve the chap looking after it is a good Captain and know the ropes etc. (another pun). He also knows my boat.

So big day tomorrow... I'll be on the phone and see what I can organise. About time I made a stand and stopped blaming everyone else. Maybe this is what I've been waiting for. And in Karachi if I have no power on my boat I cannot blame the system anymore.

Will post tomorrow with real positive news for sure!

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