Sunday, 10 June 2007

Is it Sunday or is it 'Power Cut' day ?

Plan of the day. Decided I would have a 'sort of private working day' as the is office is empty. Thought if I go in there I'll get no disturbances I'll maybe get something useful done.

8.00 am I'm up, watered and fed. And already a power cut. So off to work. Not much better there with no generator. What next. Church and caught the second half of Mass in English.

Went home and again a power cut. So read the 'For rent' section of the newspaper. Not sure I've the energy for moving but somewhere with a generator does have a strong appeal. Lucky I've got gas for making my coffee. So coffee in one hand and 'For rent' section of the Dawn paper in the other. Settle myself down comfortably and start circling in the good sounding ads. I don't believe it only 30 minutes back home and the power is off again. Its only off for another 30 minutes so not to bad. Will make some calls in the morning for sure.

Power back on and I decided work can wait till tomorrow. The powers that be, (pun) are clearly telling me not to use computers for work on a Sunday. So now you can see instead how I spent my time revamping my Blog. Also managed to chat with Wanna and caught up with the girls in Seychelles and Clarance over in California.

Also had a scout round some of the editing support of my Blog server. I fancy setting up some form of RSS. Whats that? Well that's exactly what I am trying to find out as well. Second question What for? Same answer That's exactly what I am trying to find out as well. When I know I'll pass it on.

I'd best get this posted before another power cut.

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