Sunday, 3 June 2007

Our trip to Gaddani Home of scrapped ships

We decide to have a Sunday venturing out of Karachi. The Lonely Planet Guide is good for ideas but we decided to visit Balochistan the next province about 30 kilometers west of Karachi. Why ? Well the Lonely Plant for one says no one goes there!!!! Good enough reason for me to go. Its a tough place. It has a harsh and very dry terrain and the clearly from the history and having to live in such conditions makes people are fiercely independent. We decided to go with our driver and visit the ship grave yards of Gaddani. Famous for the ships that are run up the beaches and then scrapped piece by piece by cheap labour. It is out of bounds to foreigners. But we decided to try anyway. Sure enough it was out of bounds. The police guarding the road were good they rang back to Karachi to see if we could pass. We were told very helpfully, please next time you come bring a policeman from Karachi along for the next trip and it should be OK. It is apparently an environmental disaster area. ( )

So we left and stopped at another police station to see if we could visit Hub Dam. Seemed a good idea to check. Well good job as it was the same answer. We did not get a great deal of photo opportunities on this trip. One of the police station which looks more like a fort and the second of a squashed bus. Dread to think what happened there.
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