Monday, 11 February 2008

Big Mac's, HDTV's and fishing

After the excitement of Ipswich Football club it was back to Thetford and a trip to MacDonald's. That was via hte Thetford Museum. Both the museum and MacDonnalds are experiences not to be undertaken to often. We had a takeaway at Mums house and Wanna got to see some family photos. Why is it parents always seem to keep pictures of us when we were little kids?...
This afternoon was spent helping Mother in choosing a new HDTV. Drama there!!!! Which one to choose. What colour? Do the sticky labels come off? Will the stand fit in my room? Will it work properly? Does it get the golf, etc etc….Difficult decisions so we had to do a trip back to the house to measure what was there and see how well and bigger and more modern TV would fit in? Finally got it sorted out so everyone happy. My blood pressure now back to normal!! Also I can say with conviction it is now safe to leave Mum at home for the weekend. The latter part of the afternoon was taken up with a spot of fishing and we caught a few small ones. Some big ones got away. (Have you noticed it's always the big ones that get away). Check out the big catch below. Wanna still not happy with the maggots!!!

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