Thursday, 7 February 2008

Catching up with Sarah

After a good breakfast/lunch with Wanna it was off to the Angle to meet Sarah et al. We decided to walk and see a bit of the sights. Well it was cold and we had an hour to spare so we stopped in an east end pub. Had a quick beer and used the loo. (Amazing how much you need the loo in a clod windy climate!!). The folks in there were great and advised us to get a double decker route master bus to the Angel. Only three stops!! Well we waited at the stop for about 15 minutes and then along came our route No 43. Got on and handed the driver 1 pound. "Whats that for ?' He asked. "its 2 pounds each to the Angel....." he told me with a big smile. He must have seen the shock on my face and was very friendly about it all. I have only been back about 3 hours and already cannot believe the cost of everything. Real horror shock. Well got to meet with Sarah and arranged for her to join us at the weekend.

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