Friday, 8 February 2008

Haircut Norfolk style… sort of…

One very interesting thing was getting a haircut at the mobile barbers. It seems some old chap has set himself up in business running a barbers shop. What differs from the competition is that he set it up on the road side. That's right. He has a truck parked on the road side. Seems he has fitted the bus/coach with a gas heater for warmth and an inverter on the battery to supply 240 volts. All you have to do as a punter is turn up and park your vehicle enter the truck and get a trim. Could not be much easier. Does cost you a fiver….but to hell with the cost, I also opted for a trim of my beard which was another 2.50 pounds. After this rash approach I realized it all soon adds up to a lot of money. But I consoled myself by telling myself I had offset the fact there is no need to book, you get almost 100% guaranteed free parking, that’s right no parking charge and no queuing for parking. So really the cost of a quick trim is not so bad. And it was quick, took all of 5 minutes. I worked it out 7.50 pounds per 5 minutes not bad. And there was someone waiting after me for a trim.

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