Wednesday, 20 February 2008

'Choppers' or are they Huwies?

Having spend a small fortune on a model helicopter whilst in UK and managed to get it safely back to Karachi I decided to give it a bash outside our Condo to see if it really worked. Hand carried it in my brief case no less. That's enthuasism for you. On the way out I had expected to be stopped at Heathrow. We were including scanner, then a take your shoes off job. Never ending... Given all this and the extraordinary lengths they go to just to make travel even more uncomfortable I had expected at the very least to have had it taken off me. That's is my helicopter. So happy surprise all round when I just carried it through without any stops or queries. I rushed back to our Condo. Practiced for at least 5 minutes in doors (why become an expert of course) before venturing out. Truth is that flying a chopper is not that easy. It was also windy out there… Obviously need a lot more 'in house' practice before I venture out. Still it is a bit of fun for me a few spectators. Not sure they realized it was supposed to fly and given my performance they probably still don't.


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