Sunday, 10 February 2008

Owens neighbours.

Owen has a great location in Thetford which is made even better as he has some really good neighbours. We've met 3 of them. Two brothers Paul and Andy (Twins!) living in separate houses. Well Paul tells me he is 15 minutes youngere than Andy! Also Doreen. Seems a really good street.
Paul owns a Lotus Lotus 'ESPRIT' V8 SE and he took Wanna for a spin. 150 miles per hour down one of the country lanes. She loved it.
This was followed by a much more pedestrian trip in Owens car to the maggot dispensing machine. That’s right! A maggot dispensing machine. The idea it that anglers ill buy these and use them for fishing. Must work as the machines appear to be doing good business? There Wanna was not so impressed. "Ugh!" was the reaction when the tin was opened to reveal a bunch of wriggling little maggots. We even ended up having to fix the maggots to the fishing hooks for her. That’s another story.

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