Sunday, 24 February 2008

"Just another Sunday"

(That was by the Small faces?, What was ?.. The title to this posting!!!)
We did not wake up till noon today. Must be the jet lag but most unusual. Still tired. We decided to get out of the apartment and have drive. Half way to the Hawks Bay area we turned back having decided we needed to get things from the market. Going along we passed a small nursery which seemed to be teeming with colourful potted plants. We swung in there and had a walk round. Lovely and made even more so as all the surrounding area was dry, dusty and very sandy.

The old chap who showed around made out he did not understand English. However after trying several times to grope with Wanna he finally let out an apology. Yes in English! So we left him to it. No tip.

Finished off with a try at 10 pin bowling. Only the 2 of us so not much of a fun event really. I do think anything like 10 pin bowling really needs a crowd.

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