Thursday, 7 February 2008

London here we are

Arrived in London. Cold or what?.... About +6 Degree C. So we decided, for a bit of fun to take the train and tube into town and catch up with Sarah. Well the 15 minutes train to Paddington took 45 minutes and the 10 stop tube ride took another hour. Terrible. After that we droppped our bags at the long stay place in Liverpool Street Station. That part of London life clearly had not improved.
Next off to see Sarah. But before anymore travcl we decided to indulge in a full English Breakfast at a local pub. Then when fully fed on sausages, bacon, beans, fried eggs and toast, we could catch up with Sarah, Christoff and Colette.
Really good to be back in UK and see so much. Things have changed and all seems to be new and very different with a lot more bright colours around. Still cold!!!
While in the pub the Landlord asked if we wanted our photo taken behind the bar. It was all starting out as being a fun trip.

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