Saturday, 24 March 2007

Bob Woolmer and Pakistan Politics

There has been a lot in the International press about the death of Bob Woolmer which occurred under suspicious circumstances during Pakistan's World cup bid. The team were a disaster, no doubt about. That they fared so very badly and did not live up to anything like the countries expectations was evident in the total loss of interest in the World Cup..

All I hear on BBC et al, is how it has upset the Pakistani physic etc etc. Hence the problems for its Leaders. No entirely correct is my understanding.

We know there are problems here in Pakistan with came to the for front recently with General Musharif sacking the Chief Justice. This has lead to street protests which seems to be gaining strength. Not often you see Lawyers out on the street protesting, even less often to see non Lawyers supporting them. The Peoples descent here is not so much to do with Cricket but getting on with life. People earning PKR 4,000 (65US$) per month or less, which applies to the vast majority, are finding it hard to survive and there is a growing feeling of frustration with inflation, general conditions and of course the sectarian/extreme activities of certain segments of the population does not help. Little wonder they turn on Musharif as a focal point to all their frustrations. I am sure like in English football when the Country is doing well on the International stage the whole Nation has a 'feel good' factor. Here at this time all this anticipated 'feel good' factor never came and is clearly missing and turned into a mild depression. However we must not loose sight of the main issues and realise that Pakistan has enormous potential in both its people (over 140 Million) and in its inherent strong agricultural sector, domestic and export orientated economies all of which need the strong hand of guidance to make it all work.

That's my tuppence worth. It is not my intention nor will I be commenting on politics very often. I set up this Blog with the intention of it being fun and not as sounding board. Probably will be best remembered for constant poor video cuts!!! But that's something else. Have a good weekend.

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khalid said...

Alan, Keep writing in to this blog. its wonderful!!! Just to correct one thing, Rs. 4000= $65 and not 650.

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