Thursday, 15 March 2007

Karachi Dry? Is it? I don't think so.

Two posts in one day. Excelling myself.

Most of you know I enjoy the odd beer or two and on rare occasions even three. Well Karachi has its own Brewery and Distillery. I had arrived here thinking Karachi was dry and that the Good Lord had sent me here for a greater good. ( read drying out...). However having had an evening in the British Club (Rose and Crown) which was after 20 days being dry it reconfirmed to me that 'yes' a few beers were not only medicinal but also fun!!!

Needless to say I made a few enquiries about availability of such substances within the Karachi Municipality. I am extremely pleased to inform you that beer and a wide range of spirits are readily available over the counter in Karachi. One can also apply as a non Muslim for a proper drinking permit ( which I will do in due course) but back to the present, yes, it is available in Karachi in an off licence. I must stress that no drinking in public is allowed. Sales of booze include provision of both plastic and paper bags from the shop for carrying such produce to ensure they remain 'incognito'.

I discovered this one shop. Only the one so far up. Located up a side street. See the picture on the right. The photo of the shop is not very clear but it is the one in the middle of the picture with faint strip lights. I know, the photo looks like one of those taken in a TV documentary when on the trail for discovering illicit drug dealing etc but no, this is a 100% genuine legal enterprise. Just has a bad marketing location. Perhaps if you take into consideration the fact that one cannot openly advertise the sale of alcohol in Pakistan then the lack of dazzle and bright lights can be better understood. So maybe it is the converse it is a good location?? Works for me, I found it. Enough said.

Whatever your thinking on the location I can assure you the produce is good. The beer is made in the Murree Brewery in Rawalpindi and is quite excellent. Travels well and is sold chilled at just above freezing. The Whiskey is from the Indus Distillery in Karachi. Sold in plastic bottles!!!!I have yet to try it. So now seems a good idea to stop this Blog and to do just that. Good Night!!

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