Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sailing to the Isle of Dogs,

Anyone reading this will be forgiven from reading the title for thinking I am in the East End of London on the Isle of Dogs.

But this trip was nothing like going there and yes I'm still alive and kicking in Karachi.

I've had a wonderful day sailing with Shehzad and family. We went about 5 kilometers south of Karachi to a small island and back. The island is also known as Dog Island. Lovely spot, currently uninhabited but scheduled for major development with Dubai investment.

The sailing was great. Light breeze with enough wind to reach 7-9 Knots. We were in Shehzad's boat again. (I've just realised I do not know what is the name of the boat? Will check on next trip).

Shehzad had brought along his son Afnan (in the red t shirt) and three of his Cousins. So Shehraz, 4 younger boys and me, that made 6, plus the Boat man Habab, 7 in total. That's a lot of people on a 27 footer. But the MacGregor was fine. It is only in writing this Blog that I realised there was no confinement or interference with each other on the boat. I'm more and more impressed with her.

Then we had some good wind and the MacG did us proud. Shehzad kept the helm while Habib the boatman relaxed and me, I took a few photos!! Wonderful day, thanks Guys.


Intan Azreena said...
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Intan Azreena said...

Morning Alan,

Really enjoy reading your blog. Keep update.

Musandam Khasab said...

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