Thursday, 1 March 2007

Project Site Office

Things are moving slowly along. Should move from our temporary offices in the Engineering Department to the new site project offices in the next few weeks. Went over for a quick visit yesterday to check on progress. Going OK.

The building is a large block building with high ceilings and large rooms. Should be ideal.

Only things to be done before we move are erection of some partitions to make a meeting room and some offices and a quick paint job. Then we will also add in a kitchenette and spruce up the toilets. After that sort out the communications to ensure we have internet and telephones. Once that’s done we can more in.

As I say the building will be fine, but the surroundings are something else!!!!!!. The area is currently a dust bowl and covered in rubbish. It seems I am the only one who notices the muck and plastic bags etc. Anyway it won’t remain for long like this as the whole area is to be transformed into a new port access area for the trucks delivering containers for export.

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