Monday, 5 March 2007

Sunday. Walkabout

No work today so I decided to get up early and have a walk round the neighbourhood before it gets hot. First thing I need to find on my travels is a café or restaurant to get some breakfast. But all the shops are shut. Few places open at this time. I started walking. With so little open I settled for a simple local Phatan coffee shop. All the customers, men, were sitting around drinking tea and coffee.

Breakfast was easy. No real choice, there was tea with condensed milk and sugar and fried chapattis and a fried egg. Sounds ugh but it was really tasty. Not much hygiene in the place but at 26 rupees what do you expect?

Now on with the walk. I decided to follow the main road down from the café and wonder my way back to the beach front and home. First off I came across some fruit sellers. Lovely display with a wide range of colours and beautifully presented. However I was full from breakfast and did not fancy carrying around a few kilos of fruit. There are a lot of old buildings scattered about some beautifully restored. I carried on and passed one lady walking the other way and then reached the beach front. Karachi is holding its annual Flower Festival and I had a look round. Some lovely flowers and a good array of orchids and pitcher plants.

Finished the show and headed home.

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Intan Azreena said...

Hi Alan,

I love reading u're blog. Please keep it update. So for how long you will be in Karachi?

The secret to "Success" ..... is never, never, give up trying.