Saturday, 17 March 2007

Adding video

This last week has flown by. It started on Monday and somewhere I've lost Tues through Thursday. Then it was Friday evening. Never mind things did seem to get done in the office. No major events to report there. In fact I ma keping away from work topics as much as possible and focusing on the general Karachi stuff.

Today I went shopping. Bought some fruits and veg to keep me going next week. Also bought a few DVD's. All copies of course. They are only 90PKR each. That's 75 pence for a new latest movie. Have already watched Blood Diamonds and Open Water 2. I do not have any real scruples about buying copies. The arguement that Companies loose money from piracy is not so strong. Taking into account the avarage Pakistan monthly income is around 100US$ I cannot see a lot of people buying DVD's? even when copied. But leave this agruement alone for now.

Anyway having earlier added in a clip from 'You Tube' to my Blog I've decided to go brave and add a movie of my own. On the way home I took a few shots through the car window. Nothing much but it was a first, for me at least, to do an uploaded movie clip. I've just spent about 2 hours on this and 'cracked it'. Usual thing, once you know it is so soooo simple.

It is just a set of joined clips from my trip home from the shops. No music or proper sound added as yet. Doubt there is anything in the style or content to worry the likes of Clint Eastwood or other producers. Hollywood and Bollywood can rest easy.

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