Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Late posting for last Saturday

Had a lazy Saturday followed by a super evening. Khalid my colleague at work had invited me to a small family party. Started at 9pm. Small was not the small as I had imagined for a gathering. There were upwards of 75 people at least!!! It was a family evening to celebrate the 'coming of age' of his daughter. The centre of the evening was listening to her read several pages from the Koran. I did not bring my Camera which was a big mistake. Next time! It was a wonderful evening with everyone wearing traditional dress. The ladies were stunning in their flowing gown, absolutely stunning. And the men so elegant in long flowing Pakistan traditional shirts and 'baggy' pants. Sure there is a proper name for the costume...

But most important was the warmth and friendliness of every one. I reflected that sadly we have lost something in UK with hospitality and sense of goodness compared to what I was experiencing here in Karachi in Khalid's house as a complete outsider.

Thanks Khalid and family, thanks very much.

p.s. I'm going to get me an outfit for sure!!!

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