Friday, 23 March 2007

Building works Site Offices

Not a very exciting week. Focus locally in the office as been on Pakistan politics with the recent sacking of the Chief Justice and the position of the President in relation to all this. There has only to some degree, any talk about Cricket and the related news of the death of Bob Woolmar. Back to that later.

Work is going well. Various Contracts have been signed up this week and Contractors are on busy moving onto site. All exciting stuff for me. Hence we need our offices soonest.

Now I figured you guys would like some more video. Well not really I know it's the last thing you need right now! Truth is I fancied just adding one more! (and one more and one more later....) Now I know the system works for video so you can all relax, sit back and enjoy even i fit means putting up with some 'rough cuts'.

The video is about the site offices which are under preparation. I did add in a couple of photos to one of my earlier Blogs when I first got to Karachi. Did you bother to read it?... We're refurbishing that old building which was in the photos. We and partitioning the main room to make a couple of new offices and main office area. Also sprucing up the kitchen and toilets. Might even get a western toilet if we are lucky. Asian ones are fine but from my experience westerners find them a bit close to the ground (can easily loose mobile phones as well!) and we need some practice on in siting down but in the getting up!! (sorry about that added attention to detail but it helps gets the job done!!)

We will be housing a team of about 15 persons so we need the room and we need them now!!!

Well you've read the Blog, seen the movie and now you decide. Will the completion of the building works be completed by next week. When completed you can join me of a visual coffee in my office! Milk and sugar anyone?

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