Monday, 17 September 2007

Back to basics at the fishing site

Went back today to check out the spot where we found all the mussels. Well the tide was up and the mussels covered up. So they will live to fight another day. Met and chatted with a local Pakistan chap. Seemed like a really nice chap. That was till he started talking about security and how we as foreigners and Christians to boot should take care especially in Ramadan.

He then went on to explain he to was a Christian in fact a a fully fledged catholic which somehow made us Brothers!!! Harold as we discovered was his name explained he was in the Security forces. He showed us his card. Very useful to me as it was all in Urdu.!!! Anyway we agreed to meet up again tomorrow for some fishing. If this is my last post then you know I was duped.

Anyway it did make me think that in future we should be a bit more careful where we go and not to go to the same place day after day at the same time. That is except for work where we all have little choice right!!! Attached are a couple of photos of the shore line where we met Harold!!!!

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ambreen said...

it's a mystifying and pleasant experience to see my beloved city from the eyes' of a visitor....i m glad u r having fun here

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