Monday, 24 September 2007

Evening Fishing

You've had the day fishing and night fishing and no fish. I know about time we caught something. Well this evening we did well.

Before hand of course there was the preplanning like buying some squid as bait etc. For that I went to the local Karachi fish market. That was unbelievable. It will be covered under a separate Blog in next few days

We set off and went to Defence area sea walls. The usual place. Having bought the fresh squid I thought we might get lucky. Only one of us was destined to get lucky and it was not me. Wanna picked up a couple of nice small ones and I got one bite (really it did!).

This time we also have the fish to prove it. Check attached photo. We had a couple of hours with Wanna fishing and catching fish and me throwing in the line in a never ending series of loosing casts. Enough said about my fishing. Wanna's catch is on film for prosperity.

Actually it was a really good and interesting evening. A Japanese chap turned up. (Without a camera...strange I know?). How do you know his is Japanese without a camera?..... Enough. Anyway we chatted that's how I knew he was Japanese. We were about to depart and go watch the World Cup Cricket final when he informed us his car was stuck in the sand. Needless to say we helped him. Took one hour to try and get him out of the sand till we finally realised he was well stuck. He would have to sort it out tomorrow. We lost a few (lots) minutes only getting back home in time to see the last 6 overs. Poor Pakistan.

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