Sunday, 9 September 2007

French Beach

Finished work early and decided to take a trip to French Beach which is just to the west of Karachi. About 20 kilometers but what a road. Broken cars, buses and trucks so it took us about an hour to get there. French Beach is a strange section of coastline which has been enclosed by a low level wall and contains lots of beach huts which are used by the more wealthy Karachians (is that correct?)

Seems they go there for weekends to relax and party. It is right off the beaten path and so understandably makes for a really good break. However during our visit there were only guards and the place was deserted. Have a very strange feel to it. You kept looking round hoping to find a group having a party or some activity. But only empty huts and some boats pulled up the beach.

Might go back one day with a bunch of Friends for a Bar B Q.
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HermanG said...

It must be a strange feeling not knowing what the reason is for the beach being isolated. But you seem to be quite at home with the idea of a deserted beach, whereas here in Cape Town it would seem ominous! Enjoy the breakaways, as I imagine Karachi is like Mumbai (I visited there as part of a fieldtrip inJan 2007) where the congestion and density requires one to find some tranquil place. Herman

HermanG said...

Just getting acquainted with this blog of yours. Nice tool, and useful info to keep in touch with your whereabouts and adventures. Have you and Wanna relocated to your boat? I am trying to imagine living on a boat, when I get all upside down with a fishing trip! Herman

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