Sunday, 2 September 2007

Sunday Fishing

Up and out by 6.00am and off to the ferry port to get on a boat and go off fishing. We finally left after first returning home to get my passport !! No identification then no way out of the port. Even in a Sunday morning. Anyway off we finally went. Weather as not to hot in the low 30's. Waves about half a meter so all in all very pleasant.

The team were all new to me expect Ahmad who introduced me to everyone. Right ready ?... Off we go. 4 large trolling rods were set up. Two quick strikes. Great start but on winding them in all we got were plastic bags...

Then one of the team was feeling deciding queasy to say the least. It was decided to head for home.

I had earlier been asked by Seehzad if I wanted to go sailing but after a morning without fish I decided I had had enough of the sea for one day.

Better luck next time.
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