Sunday, 23 September 2007

Night Fishing

Lazy Saturday afternoon and the phone rings. My friend Shehzad. "Want to come night fishing this evening?". Want too... Silly question!!!!!!... Answer "Of course!!!!". "Good, See you at the Marina 10.30pm."

Well what to do. Get the rods ready. I made up some extra hooks and weighs in anticipation of needing more due to the 'one that got away'...

10.30pm arrived. Met up at the marina club Shehzad, Afnan and a few friends. Off we went. About 500 meters out we had to play with the outboard engine. Sounded as if the plugs were misfiring. Closer inspection did not reveal anything significant but she just would not start. Even closer inspection revealed the problem. "Always remember to connect the fuel line to the fuel tank!'. Corrected that minor point and off we went down the creek and stopping on the way out to catch a few.. Moved on to try again... then moved on again to try again.... We caught one eel between us. Did not get one single fish bite. Amazing as they were jumping all round us. (Well Wanna was the lucky one, she got about 1000 bites, but those were all mosquitoes!! hee.... hee....)

We had some fried prawns which Afnan prepared. Good stuff. Then headed home. We got back about 04.00am. Shattered and having had a great evening. A few fish would have made it even more special. Next time.

We had actually left the Marina, got out into the creek and down a second creek towards Port Qasim. Along the way were hundreds of small wooden fishing boats moored up all over the place. Amazing their source of light was wax candles/wick lights not sure exactly but seemed to be a bit like you can buy for using in the garden at Bar B Q time, they give off a flame and only minimal light. Looked a bit precarious to me. But being night time and no camera with us I cannot shed any more light on this !!!! (joke ?...)"

On the way home we were surprised just how many people were about. Think it is to do with Ramadan with people being up at night and taking it easy in the day time. Fantastic evening. Thanks Shehzad!

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Ali Saeed said...

better luck next time alan, mangrove fishing arround karachi creeks is very technical, you gotta be there on right time of tide and moon phase.

well we do have good inshore and offshore fishing too, join in

i was looking for out board engine and found this link.

Ali SAeed

The secret to "Success" ..... is never, never, give up trying.