Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Lunch in sunny Karachi

Tomorrow is possibly the start of Ramadan in Pakistan. No one knows for sure till the powers that be see the moon so maybe tomorrow if not at the latest Friday. So today seemed a safe option to take everyone in the office for lunch. After today it will be stressful for the next month or so.

I asked all the staff to join in a buffet lunch and we decided to go to the revolving restaurant in the middle of town. Buffets are good for these occasions as everyone can eat what they want and as much as they want. Well in our case we got value for money!! Eat we did. It was a good spread of local food stuffs. Curries, Channa's nan breads, rice etc followed of course by sweets and cakes etc. All washed down with a few cola's.

We chose the restaurant mainly for the view which is spectacular. Sights as Jinnah's mausoleum, blocked highways and generally looking into gardens and parks. We could see the port container cranes in distance which is where our offices are located. I'm stuffed. Normally a simple lunch does me but today was fun and very satisfying. A good time was head by all.
Another aspect of the lunch. We had a fantastic choice of food as I stated above and a view to boot. There were 20 persons and buffet including soft drinks came to PKR 5831. That's US$ 95. Not each but the lot. So US$ 4.75 each. Fantastic value by any standards. (included Valet parking for 3 vehicles as well!!!)

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