Friday, 21 September 2007

Fishing and Cymru (Boys in Red)

What a mixture.

Thursday was special. Why? Because I got home early. It was to be our 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow so I had done the obligatory shopping !!!! Decided to get out there and catch a few fish. Tide was in so fishing off the rocks was made much easier. Did not do a lot to help me. I broke my rod on about the 10th cast. Tip came off. And no fish!!! Not even bite. Will take it back to the shop tomorrow but do not really expect a rebate on a 20US$ rod that was subjected to heavy work.

Evening came and great be able to sit at home watch the game. Forget fishing this was Wales verses Japan. I'd finally got Sports Channel 1 beamed from South Africa which is almost 24 hours continuous rugby and cricket only!!! Fantastic.

Wanna and I sat ourselves down in front of the big screen. I mean big as in our home projector big!

11.50 pm. All set. Drinks ready, Cheese and olives on the tray etc. 10 minutes of listening to warm up tit bits with the pundits and then the National anthems. Wham!!!!.... blank screen. Waited 2.35 minutes of it all to get back together....Could not believe it. I know it was 2.35 minutes as the game timer told me so when it all came back on.

Watched the first half and again at half time no signal. 20 minutes into the second half before it came back on for the second time. I had also during this time called the cable service engineer. He assured me it was a cable fault and all would be OK.

Good result but I could not help thinking there was no Welsh team. It was as if there were 15 players together for an afternoon get together. No real game plan and control/support behind the ruck at times was none existent. That said several clever moves but again all I saw were 15 players and no team.

The Jap long try was impressive. I can see Fiji doing that next week and causing a lot of damage. Not to often I hope, but it will be a much tougher game.

Then going on to facing SA....that's really moving up a league. Can the boys do it? I hope so but I have a big nagging doubt!!

Now the excitement of the game is over I went back to the fishing shop. Closed Fridays for Ramadan. talk about having to learn to relax."£$%^&"

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