Saturday, 15 September 2007

The start of fishing

Got down to Mahigeer's shop on East Wharf. Great little place run by a chap called Abdul (I know Original!!!!!) but really that's his real name.

Tells me he has been in the business for ages following on from his Father and Grandfather. Shops been open 40 years. Some of the tackle for sale, the bits in the corners looks like original stock but some is really up to date top of the range new gear. Rods vary in price from about 20US$ for a baby river rod to to 1,500US$ for a trawling sports rod. He has reels to match from unheard of again baby's to the 'mother of all reels' in the Penn range. Enormous. You're talking Kilos in reels let alone the size of the fish it should catch.

We got kitted up with some low budget fairly light weight beach casting rods and spinning reels. After receiving some useful tips from my new mate and future long term fishing buddy, Abdul, we left and shot off to the Defence Area shore line. We were in such a rush we did not even stop at 'go' to pick up our £200. (Monopoly!)

Me with the new gear and Wanna with her fly fishing gear. She was set up in minutes. But me. I had to sort out hooks and weights etc. You know how it is as a semi-pro you need to get all the gear ready and prepared for all eventualities. Straight rod, strong lines, correct hooks etc. Only then in my enthusiasm did I realize I did not have any bait!! Stupid or what.

To compound it after realizing there was no chance I was going to catch a fish on an empty hook, and Wanna was getting her 'fly' caught in the rocks we decided to collect some mussels which were everywhere, unbelievable. It took about 5 minutes, yes only 5 minutes to collect about 5 kilos. Took them home cleaned them up and steamed them. They were not only large but really tasty. In fact I can say they were some of the best mussels I've ever eaten.

We had a few of them steamed and washed down with a cold beer. We had enough for quite a few meals. It was then sitting eating such good food that I realise 'of course they are also bait. S%$t was one word that came to mind. I really felt stupid now knowing I had had bait all the time.

We'll see how we fare tonight. This Ramadan is looking as if it is going to be an enjoyable period for me.

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