Thursday, 27 September 2007

Mussels and Mussels a-live a-live oh!!!!

Just been down to the Defence area again. 4.43pm was low tide. And the mussels were out all exposed and ready for the picking. Fantastic. Cannot understand why no one else eats them. Several local lads who were fishing near by just watched us with very limited interest as we collected about 20 kilos of mussels and about 5 oysters. Fantastic taste to the mussels, they are without doubt the best I've ever had. Just so pleased that no one else wants them.

Well Wanna has been in the last few pictures and as this one involves only us I decided to add my photo this time. The mussels are growing quite happily on the rocks. Did you know that mussels can grow over/on top of each other to a depth of about 20 centimeters. Any thicker than that is no sustainable. That's a scientific fact which I learnt about when designing cooling water intakes in warm climates. Useful Blog this for off the wall information!! Now to add my photos!!!!

Being Ramadan we cannot buy any beer or wine to wash down the oysters. Still a squeeze of lemon should do it. I intend to enjoy these before sitting down to watch the Bourne Ultimation. Hope it lives up to its expectations..... However good it turns out to be it can't be more thrilling than going to catch your own mussels.

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