Friday, 14 September 2007

First day into Ramadan

Well we got off to a good start. Wanna arrived from Bangkok last night on time. There was a bomb went off in town on my way to the airport but it was some way off so no real worries there. Got home and had a small refreshment then bed, with reality again this morning. Work Ugh. Not really. Had a quick trip up the quay side to look at a drilling rig where we are doing some soil investigation works. (Why is the photo blue? Good question answer:) wrong camera setting dumb or what!!!)

Today went to work and it is as if nothing has changed. All smiles and my tea kept arriving. But only me!!! Everyone has been fine. It might have a bit to do with the fact that working hours have changed to 8am to only. Not bad. In fact very good for me as I am going fishing this afternoon. Might have some interesting story and photos for next posting.

Tight lines!!!

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